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J. Boykin and Positive Vibes

Join us for the Reunion Jazz & Blues Festival in Riverside, Ca. Perfect for people looking for things to do in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Temecula, Palm Springs, Redlands, Corona, Pomona and surrounding cities. Concerts in Riverside, Concerts in Rancho Cucamonga, Concerts in Corona, Concerts in Redlands, Concerts in Temecula.

About  the Reunion Fest

Scope of Event 


  • This is a multi-generational event that aims to reunite local artists, community leaders, and small business owners who share common roots within Eastside Riverside. 

  • We aim to bring awareness to Covid Vaccine Education, membership, enrollment, and voter registration. We also plan to raise money for much needed scholarships that benefit our city’s future young minds.

  • Lastly, we are dedicated to jumpstarting our city’s economy by employing local vendors and artists who were greatly impacted by the pandemic.


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Event Organizers 


  • Positive Vibes Musician’s Movement 

  • NAACP - Riverside Chapter

  • Eastside Reunion Group 

  • Dell and Carmen Roberts Foundation 

The musicians selected to perform at this event have an adoring fan base within the Inland Empire and surrounding areas. Although their successes and achievements span internationally, they are all committed to returning home to celebrate and honor those who came before and are moving the torch forward.

Who are the Positive Vibes?


We are a musician-led movement committed to using our platform to raise awareness to support those in need.

How We Vibe


* Educate viewers on cause awareness and resources.

* Encourage followers to share the music and message with others.

* Empower community enrichment and outreach.

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